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Match your Amway Water Filter model to the correct eSpring replacement filter. Unfortunately, filters are not compatible between similar eSpring models.

The eSpring water filter system uses two systems of purifying water, a physical charcoal filter, and an ultraviolet light. The light kills 99% of microorganisms in your drinking water. The system also eliminates most carbon-based water impurities. You should know that some inorganic substances, such as some metals, are not removed.

All eSpring models must have their filters replaced yearly or after approximately 1350 gallons of use. You will know when this happens because the Amway water purification system will beep and blink red when active. That being said, this is enough water for a family of six for one year for both cooking and drinking. Some people have noticed that heavily contaminated water can shorten the life of the filter, causing it to need replaced more frequently. At the end of the filter’s life cycle, the unit will start beeping until the filter is replaced. The unit can tell if a filter is new, partially used or expired. As a result, taking out the filter and putting it back in probably will not fool it. This feature was added because of concerns related to old filters that could cause a release of pollutants that were previously filtered and it could release them into the water flow, making the water worse than without the system altogether.

If you have this eSpring:

Then you need this filter:

eSpring® Carbon Water Treatment System
Model: 11-1491
amway water filter model 11-1491 eSpring® Carbon Water System Replacement Cartridge
Model: 11-0194
eSpring® Water Purifier
Model: 10-0189
amway water filter model 10-0189 eSpring® Water Purifier Replacement Cartridge
Model: 10-0186
Gen IV System (No Image Available) amway water filter model for Gen IV eSpring® Water Purifier Replacement Cartridge
Model: E-0085

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